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Don't Let Satan Steal Your Identity!
Audio Teaching (NEW)

Prophetess Mena shares an important message from the Lord
for the Body of Christ in this season. Satan knows his time is short,
so his goal is to sift the church though strategic tactics that cause 
gaps in our armor. Learn what those gaps are, and how to quickly
cover them so that you can move forward in fulfilling your purpose. 

My Vision of Hell: Those Living a Double Life
(Bound by a Spirit of Perversion)

Prophetess Mena shares her visitation to a portion of hell that occurred during
a twenty-one fast. The Lord revealed to her where those who claim to be of 
Him, but live double lives end up. These are Christians who are bound by a 
spirit of perversion, and did not repent of their secret sins. It was revealed that
this spirit has taken hold of the church and many of its leaders. This is one of the
most revealing and important warnings given to the twenty-first century church!

The Rise of Babylon &
The Return of Nimrod
2-Part Audio Teaching [4 Hours]

Who is Mystery Babylon mentioned in the Book of Revelation? Is it America?
 Or is it the Vatican? And how is it tied in with the Tower of Babel and Nimrod? 
Learn the parallels of Ancient Babylon and the rise of Mystery Babylon 
mentioned in the book of Revelation, and how what began with the Tower of 
Babel and Nimrod, will end with Mystery Babylon and the Beast. 
You definitely don't want to miss this!

The Beast
The Rapture & The Great Tribulation
2-Part Audio Teaching [4 Hours]

In the western church, there is a constant debate over when the rapture of the 
church takes place. Most have categorized the rapture into a pre, mid, or post 
tribulation event. But which one is true? In this teaching, Prophetess Mena 
breaks down the reign of the coming beast, his system, the rapture of the church 
and what is known as the great tribulation. This in depth teaching will challenge 
your mind and motivate you to go deeper in your study of the word of God. 

Coming Behind The Veil
3-Part Audio Teaching [3 Hours]

One of the most important factors in our relationship with Christ is the ability 
to hear His voice. Jesus said, "My sheep know my voice" (John 10:27), yet so many
Christians today have not heard the voice of the Lord for themselves. In this 
3-part series, Prophetess Mena teaches that recognizing the voice of the Lord 
starts with prayer. Taught in parallel with the layout of the tabernacle, you will 
learn the proper way to enter in, come behind the veil, and hear the voice of God.

Spiritual Warfare
2-Part Audio Teaching [3 Hours]

In Galatians 6, the Apostle Paul reminded us that 'we wrestle not against flesh and 
blood.' Yet in today's church, we find that many Christians do not know their
authority in Christ. In this two-part teaching, you will understand the levels of the
demonic realm and learn your authority over them. In this series, Prophetess Mena
breaks down the true meaning of spiritual warfare,and teaches how to operate
in the power and authority that Christ has appointed us in these last days.

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The Power of Forgiveness
Audio Teaching

One of the first teachings done by Prophetess Mena. Learn the power of
forgiveness, deliverance, and healing, and the impact it has on our spiritual
growth and ability to operate in our calling. Experience mental, emotional, and
spiritual freedom from past oppression, generational curses, and condemnation.

The Fasting Truth
Audio Teaching
(Coming Soon!)

In the 21st century, fasting is one of the least taught subjects in the church. 
But the scriptures clearly state, 'when you fast' not 'if you fast' (Matthew 6:16). 
Learn the truth about why fasting is so important in your walk with Christ, and 
how it aides in bringing down strongholds, generational curses, and even helps
with the ability to hear God's voice clearly.